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How To Message Girls On Online Dating Websites

So you want to learn how to message girls on online dating websites? The fact is, on online dating websites and social networking sites, attractive girls get pelted with e-mails and messages. It’s like, all of a sudden, every hot girl turns into Angelina Jolie… a hundreds of pathetic guys put them on top of huge pedestals (only to get friend zoned or ignored).

The truth is, over 85% of messages get ignored by hot women. Why? I’ll tell you why.

It’s because over 90% of those messages suck. And, secondly, it’s because guys have absolutely no idea how to make an attractive profile on websites like, for instance.

Listen, if you want more attractive girls responding to your messages, then you really have to learn how to message girls online. Properly.

I’m also going to tell you things that they do incorrectly.

opsplayer1.) They don’t set up their profile properly.

You absolutely have to do this first before you go on a messaging tirade. See, you think girls are just going to ignore your message when they receive it? Make sure your profile have attractive photographs of yourself and make sure your writeup is compelling and interesting. If you have no idea how to do this, then you’ve got to watch this video by myself — in it, I go over exactly what you need to do in order to message girls online and pull up to 3-4 dates a week!

Remember, messaging girls is going to have to start with making a magnetic profile.

2.) Their messages don’t contain compelling content.

You need to grab her attention by the balls. Grasp and don’t let go until she replies! You’ve got to use a few tactics I call “psychological mind thrillers” – these are little tiny snippets that will get her emotions going and force her to reply!

So here’s a quick little tip: read her goddamn profile! Dude, you aren’t going to capture her attention if you don’t even bother reading her profile. Pick out something that interests you and use this as ammo. But you have to make sure that you know you’re using this ammo properly. Refer to my online pick up video on how to do this.

3.) You need to have a call to action!

A perfectly well crafted first message is absolutely nothing without a really good call to action.

What is a call to action? It’s something that compels her to reply. Or, alternatively, makes her want to respond to your message. A great call to action is having a question in your message. Ask her something that is along the lines of her profile. For example, if she says that ballet is a huge thing for her, then say something like, “So how good are you at doing a Pirouette? I bet I could out ballet you any day.”

4.) Your message needs to be short but COMPLETE.

Like every story has a good beginning, middle, and end, your message also needs to have this. However, unlike most stories, your message has to be short.

Picture yourself as a really hot girl for a moment (let’s not get too carried away with this). Now picture your online dating inbox. Got it? Right. Remember, some girls out there get pelted with 50-100 messages a day from desperate men. Do you think she has got time to read to through every single one? Absolutely not. She’s probably going to skim subjects. Look at dude’s profiles and delete a ton.

So you have to have a hook, a body, and an ending. This is the formula for your success.

A good hook is what I said about in #2 – say something compelling. The body contains information that will make her feel more comfortable talking to you, and remove any possibility of her thinking you’re one of those desperate or creepy guys. One thing I like to do is “neg” her in the body, but not too harshly. A neg is an underhanded comment about her – so pick out something light and funny in her profile and make fun of it.

Finally, you need to have an ending. Again, call to actions are necessary, but alternatively, you can just leave a good old cliffhanger.

So you might not even have to ask a question if you don’t need to. You can just end it with something mysterious. For example, if she lists something like “Backstreet Boys” as an interest, you can end your online message with “I see that you like BB. You would have totally died if you knew what I was doing last week then.”

There you have it. Again, if you want to learn the best, most concise method of how to message girls on online dating websites (and gets hot women into your bed) then you’ve got to check out my video below:



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