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How To Pick Up Girls From PoF

If you want to learn how to effectively pick up girls off PoF, you’ve got to arm yourself with what I call “secret weapons.”

There are plenty of fish in the sea!Back in the day, when I was single, I used to pull 3-4 numbers off PoF a day. I traveled a lot, so in each and every city I went to, I could get 3-4 messages in a matter of an hour and set up dates that night. This isn’t rocket science. And no, I’m actually not even that good looking.

And I also hate to say it, but the fact that I’m Asian doesn’t help my cause either (girls still think I have a small dick, which I don’t — it’s average). So if you aren’t Asian, then you’ll probably be able to pull these tricks off way better than I can.

And listen — I’ve picked up  so many girls off Plenty of Fish, I’ve pretty much lost count. In fact, during my day of conquering the online dating scene (and I still could if I wanted to), I banged ~200 girls in the span of a few short years. And the gross thing was, I barely even tried. I could’ve probably sacked even more if I wanted to. Now, this art of pick up didn’t come so easily. In fact, I had to send thousands of messages to see what worked and what didn’t work. And what did work, I put into a master list which I’ve compiled in my program

So first thing’s first… I know I preach this way too much, but you must perfect your profile before you message girls online. Listen, girls are going to click on your profile and read it on PoF. They aren’t just going to blindly answer you back without actually checking out what you look like. So keep this in mind moving forward. Refer to my article on messaging girls online and perfecting your profile before moving forward. In short, no douche bag photos. No try-hard photos. No stupid shirtless poses in front of a mirror (unless you have an amazing physique and all you want to do is just get laid). You’ve got to make sure that your profile is just air tight otherwise you won’t get anywhere. Trust me.

Don't put douchey pictures on your account
Don’t put douchey pictures on your account

So what are you going to message these girls online? Well, first, you’ve got to know that PoF is a free website. What does this mean for me and you? It means that with free online dating websites, there are going to be a lot of girls on here that just aren’t serious. Yes, playing the online dating game can sometimes just mean that you have to play the numbers game. So you do have to message a lot of girls if you want to get anything meaningful from this.

Now that we got all that stuff out of the way, what are you going to message these girls? Well, you’ve got a few options here. You could…

  1. Use a regular message… Or…
  2. Or use instant chat (my favourite) - Sending a girl an instant message will ensure that you’ll be able to escalate a conversation quickly. That means you get her number faster. That means you get a date quicker. And ultimately, it means that you can get into her pants faster.

But like I said, girls get pelted with messages constantly. In fact, according to a study done by Yale University concluded that on average, attractive women get anywhere from 50-100 messages a day from guys. So, given this information, you have to stand out from the crap that’s out there and message a girl with purpose!

So read her profile. Don’t just skim through it - read through it completely. You never know what kind of interesting stuff you can get out of it. Next, you’re going to have to concoct your message. The first line should always, always, always have something pertaining to her Plenty of Fish profile. So, for example, if she’s obsessed with Justin Bieber and it’s apparent in her profile, then think about saying something that has to do with Justin Bieber. It’s pretty simple, right?

The first sentence usually what I call the “hook” of a message. Just like a good advertising company, your message has to reel a chick in. If it doesn’t, she’s gone before you even press the “send” button.

Second, you have to convey value. That means that you have to imply to her that you’re highly sought after. Maybe say something along the lines of, “So I never really go on here… just love to read all the funny messages I get from teenage pregnant girls.”

This shows to her that you get messages all the time from girls. See, most men never get approached by hot women online (because they’re too busy fending off creepy dudes themselves), so you have to make sure that you convey to her that you aren’t like 99% of the creepy guys online. You’ve got to prove to her that you’re a cool guy with a lot to offer.

Third, you need to add what I like to call an External Bomb. This can range from things like funny YouTube videos, links to funny articles, links to news articles… anything that will grab her attention and make her laugh!

Finally — and this is the most important part of this whole thing… you have to watch my video on how to pick up girls online. In this video, I go over several techniques that I’ve used over the years to help me get laid by hundreds and hundreds of girls. And with these techniques that I’ll show you how to use in just a few short minutes, you’ll be able to skyrocket your online dating experience.

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Click here to learn how I pick up girls from PoF


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