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How To Pick Up Girls Online

A lot of men have troubles simply getting off the ground when it comes to online dating. So if you want to learn how to pick up girls online and land some dates with some cute girls, then you’ve got to read this!

HowToPickupWomenOnlineTo be honest, the odds are stacked against you. 75% of men on online dating websites will never, ever get a date online as much as they try. According to Freakanomics, men outnumber women 3 to 1! So for women, online dating is like swimming in an ocean full of piranhas!

And unfortunately for those women, most of the guys the message them are guys that are just complete losers (or they seem like it). There are a ton of things you can do to optimize your chance of getting hot women to reply to your messages online.

But first, you have to concentrate on your online dating profile first. Remember, when you message a girl, she’s going to want to look at your profile before messaging you. And yes, pictures make a huge difference here. But what kind of pictures should you put in your profile?

One example of a picture that would increase your response rate dramatically are what I like to call “Social Proofing Pictures”. In the online world, women are pretty quick to labels dudes as “creepy”, so you’ll want to put up pictures that let women know that you’re fun, flirty, and have a shred of social skill. Try  putting up pictures of you hanging out with a bunch of friends. This will make you automatically seem less creepy.

Even better, try putting up pictures of yourself with a bunch of hot girls. This is known as “pre-selection” — see, when girls know that a bunch of other hot girls are chasing after you, they become immediately attracted to you.

See, there are a ton of very real and tangible tactics that you can employ if you want to learn how to pick up girls online! 

As Ron Burgundy would say, “it’s science!”

Look, my program is jam-packed with tips like this that will help you seduce any woman you want just by using your computer.

Don’t believe me? I have a proof! Watch this free video below this article. In it, I go over exactly what you need to do right now if you want to be picking up chicks left, right, and center using just little, known tactics.

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