What Pictures Should I Use For Online Dating?

I get this question a lot from guys. What pictures should I use for dating online? 

This is a pretty touchy subject, because what works for some guys doesn’t work for others. Depending on several factors (like your style, and what kind of women you want to attract), you’ll want to use different pictures.

Hugh Hefner is the king of the online dating profile picture!However, there are several rules that you must abide by if you want to get the maximum amount of response from women.

And I mean positive responses. Not the “Omg, what the hell are you wearing you perv” responses. Those aren’t good ones.

So without further ado, let me get right into it.

1.) Keep your shirt on there, cowboy!

Guys think that they’ll be able to turn on hot chicks just be posting a picture of themselves topless. Usually, they’re taken by crappy cell phone cameras in front of a bathroom mirror. This just doesn’t work on women, guys…

As much as you think this will get the women going, this is proven to not work. Instead of looking like a male model hunk, you look desperate, insecure, an it’s generally seen as a very low-quality move.

2.) Include a profile picture of you sleeping…

Yes, this sounds weird, right? But here’s the deal.

When it comes to online dating, women’s “creepy guy” sensor is off the charts. By showing yourself in a very vulnerable state (ie., when you’re sleeping), you’ll appear much less threatening, and therefore, women will be much more compelled to message you back.

3.) Include a picture of you hanging out with your friends…

This is called social proofing. Basically, you’ll want to convey to women that you have a good social circle. Including yourself in pictures with a bunch of friends is always a good way to tell her that you’re a catch.

4.) Include a picture of beautiful women…

This is called “pre-selection”. Showing that you’re wanted by other hot women makes you hotter to all women. Go figure.

5.) Include a picture of you doing something that’s your passion.

Do you like playing the piano? Enjoying a game of rugby? Remember, you’re trying to obtain girls that are like-minded… and showing yourself off enjoying your passions will tell the piano-haters and rugby-haters to go away.

The pictures you use in your profile will either make or break you. Make sure that all your pictures exude a positive quality about you.

If you want more information on how you can optimize your profile, check out my video presentation on the matter.


20 Mistakes Men Make While Dating Online

Here are some of the most common mistakes men make while they’re online dating.

You might even be guilty of some of these! See, in the online world, women are relentless. If you even make the slightest mistake, she’ll be clicking the back button faster than you can say, “online dating sucks.”

So without further ado, here are the 20 most common mistakes men make while online dating.

1.) They pick the wrong pictures. Yes, many men pick douchy or very unappealing pictures when they’re dating online. The key here is to pick the right set of pictures that appeals to the most amount of women.

2.) They approach it in the wrong way. It’s not about messaging a bunch of women and seeing who replies. If you want to get the hottest girls only, you need to have a calculated plan.

3.) They don’t read the profile of the women they’re messaging. Women can sense bullshit from a mile away. This is true in real life and on online dating websites. If women get the sense that you’re full of it, they’ll click the back on their browser.

4.) Not formulating the right kind of message. Yes, this is probably the biggest mistake men make while dating online. They don’t write compelling messages.

5.) They mention sex. No, women are not interested in sex with you… yet. If you follow my advice, then you’ll be able to HAVE sex with these women, but you have to approach it in a gentlemanly manner.

6.) They mention sick sex jokes. Hmmm…

7.) Remember proper spelling and grammar! Yes, grammar is an indicator of intelligence. And, in this modern age, women want intelligent men. They aren’t going to want to be with a dude who doesn’t know how to write or spell. So don’t be afraid to run your message through a spell check before you hit the “send” button.

8.) They pick the wrong websites to date at. Here’s a hint: E-Harmony is terrible. Don’t ever date there. Remember that any free online dating website like PoF is also going to be filled with women that aren’t actually serious when it comes to online dating. So you have to take this into consideration before you message them.

9.) They don’t send messages that contain what I like to call “Non-Threatening Cues”click here to watch my video on what these things are (and learn my patented technique).

10.) They don’t send what I call “Message Bombs”  — again, watch that video if you want to learn what I’m talking about.

11.) Their profile write-ups don’t contain compelling information. If you’re on an online dating website, you need to have information that contains interesting tidbits about yourself, and of course, make yourself seem like an attractive alpha male. There are several ways you can do this.

12.) They don’t make it apparent that you have a lot of friends. Yes, a big part of online dating and online pickup is to make it apparent that you have a strong social circle. Remember, women are attracted to men that have a lot of good friends — so the more you make this apparent, the easier time you’re going to have when picking up girls.

13.) They don’t include their passion in their profile. Remember, you’re a human being with goals and aspirations, but you also have a strong passion or hobby. Convey this in your pictures! If you love playing guitar, then include pictures of you playing the guitar.

14.) They don’t ask for a woman’s phone number at the right time. If you ask for a phone number too early, you’ll seem desperate. If you ask for it too late, she’ll lose interest. You have to monitor her interest rate or online IOI’s and assess when would be the perfect time to turn that online interaction into a real life one.

15.) They lie in their profile. Sooner or later, these lies are going to be found out and you’ll look like a huge loser. Keep it honest and she’ll appreciate it.

16.) When making first real life contact (that is, talking on the phone or going on a date), they don’t use a humorous “disqualifier” right off the bat. Again, watch the video on how I used a special technique to bang over 200+ women online.

17.) They don’t pick the right location for a date. Remember, if you’re the man, you have to make the decisions. So when you pick a venue for a first meet, make sure it’s a venue that’s intimate, but public. Don’t pick a place where she’ll feel creeped out or uncomfortable. No movies.

18.) They advance sexually too quickly. Remember. just because you’re online dating doesn’t mean that you have the green light to have sex on the first date. Take your time to build attraction and then make your move.

19.) They don’t set the pace for the first date. Remember that women can be pretty hesitant on their first date. They don’t know what to expect. You need to know this and set the pace of the date accordingly. You need to first convince them that you aren’t a huge creep before building the right amount of attraction.

20.) They don’t end the date. As a guy, to make sure that you come off as a cool guy that’s attractive, you need to be the one to end the date… and end it on a high note. You need to make it so that you create a proper amount of attraction as you end the date so you leave her wanting more.

Again, watch my video on online attraction to get a better picture of what you need to do properly:

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