What Pictures Should I Use For Online Dating?

I get this question a lot from guys. What pictures should I use for dating online? 

This is a pretty touchy subject, because what works for some guys doesn’t work for others. Depending on several factors (like your style, and what kind of women you want to attract), you’ll want to use different pictures.

Hugh Hefner is the king of the online dating profile picture!However, there are several rules that you must abide by if you want to get the maximum amount of response from women.

And I mean positive responses. Not the “Omg, what the hell are you wearing you perv” responses. Those aren’t good ones.

So without further ado, let me get right into it.

1.) Keep your shirt on there, cowboy!

Guys think that they’ll be able to turn on hot chicks just be posting a picture of themselves topless. Usually, they’re taken by crappy cell phone cameras in front of a bathroom mirror. This just doesn’t work on women, guys…

As much as you think this will get the women going, this is proven to not work. Instead of looking like a male model hunk, you look desperate, insecure, an it’s generally seen as a very low-quality move.

2.) Include a profile picture of you sleeping…

Yes, this sounds weird, right? But here’s the deal.

When it comes to online dating, women’s “creepy guy” sensor is off the charts. By showing yourself in a very vulnerable state (ie., when you’re sleeping), you’ll appear much less threatening, and therefore, women will be much more compelled to message you back.

3.) Include a picture of you hanging out with your friends…

This is called social proofing. Basically, you’ll want to convey to women that you have a good social circle. Including yourself in pictures with a bunch of friends is always a good way to tell her that you’re a catch.

4.) Include a picture of beautiful women…

This is called “pre-selection”. Showing that you’re wanted by other hot women makes you hotter to all women. Go figure.

5.) Include a picture of you doing something that’s your passion.

Do you like playing the piano? Enjoying a game of rugby? Remember, you’re trying to obtain girls that are like-minded… and showing yourself off enjoying your passions will tell the piano-haters and rugby-haters to go away.

The pictures you use in your profile will either make or break you. Make sure that all your pictures exude a positive quality about you.

If you want more information on how you can optimize your profile, check out my video presentation on the matter.


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